These Are The 5 Best Things To Do in Moss Vale, NSW

Plan A Holiday You Will Never Forget In Moss Vale, NSW

Moss Vale, NSW, is a picturesque town, located in the Southern Highlands, roughly 120km southwest of Sydney. More and more visitors are discovering its breathtaking scenery, sprawling gardens, fine dining, and unique shopping experiences.

The best route in the car is to take the M5 towards Canberra and turn off at Mittagong. Public transit is also a great option and easy to do by train from Central Station to Bowral and then take a short bus ride to Moss Vale. Both modes of transportation take roughly two hours from start to finish.

Read on and discover the five best things to do in Moss Vale on your weekend getaway.

Best 5 Things To Do In Moss Vale

Once you arrive, explore the town on foot or rent a bike to take advantage of the scenic bike trails. Any one of these fun experiences will make Moss Vale a truly memorable adventure.

1. Leighton Gardens

For guests that are fans of beautiful gardens and stunning landscapes, Leighton Gardens is a must thing to do in Moss Vale. The gardens are located in the heart of Moss Vale and offer visitors a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the town. Leighton Gardens is also a picnic and BBQ spot for friends and families to break bread while enjoying the blossoms. We would like to advise that every September Leighton Gardens has a breathtaking tulip display. If this is on your radar, the earlier you lock in accommodation the better as the grounds and city will be busy with like-minded guests. The Moss Vale Manor team is available to help you enjoy the best accommodation while enjoying the tulips and all the other stunning gardens of the Highlands

2. Hunter & Gatherer Collections

Hunter & Gatherer Collections is one of the best-kept secrets in Moss Vale. If you're an amateur treasure hunter or antique collector, unique and rare finds are in plain sight on each shelf of this Moss Vale highlight. Hunter & Gatherer Collections offers a carefully curated selection of vintage and antique pieces, including eco-friendly, books, home decor, and more! There is also a curated space to showcase locally made artisanal products. Whether shopping for yourself or buying gifts, Hunter & Gatherer Collections has the perfect item to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

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3. Moss Vale War Memorial Aquatic Centre

Don’t let the name dissuade you from visiting one of the best spots in Moss Vale. While paying tribute in title, this is not a museum and is a great space for the whole family to go for a refreshing dip. Open from 6 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday, buy a family pass for the day and splash around in top-notch facilities. The Moss Vale War Memorial Aquatic Centre offers visitors three indoor heated swimming pools, a spa and sauna, and a 24hr top-of-the-line gym.

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4. Suzie Anderson Home

If you're a lover of interior design, Suzie Anderson Home and her extraordinary and stunning new “Old Bank Atelier” is a must-see destination in Moss Vale. Beloved by celebrities including Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, bring a curated dazzle back from this memorable Moss Vale getaway. Suzie and her partner, David, “share a joint passion for renovation, interior styling, history, and travel.” They started the store as a mission to spread the beauty found within the details of chic housewares and provide a “feel good” atmosphere to every customer.

5. Highlands Merchant

Nurture and nourish the soul with this sister-owned cafe and dine at one of the best things to do in Moss Vale. Highlands Merchant is a quaint dining spot focusing on creating dishes that are equally delish and photogenic. You'll find the perfect plate to make followers envious and stay satisfied until dinner. Check out their smokey beans, avocado & poached egg on sourdough, or have a cheat-day meal with a signature pulled BBQ pork burger.

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Book Luxury Accommodation In Moss Vale, NSW

Whether planning a weekend escape or a cosy anniversary adventure, luxury accommodation in the southern highlands means reserving Moss Vale Manor.

Moss Vale Manor luxury accommodation prides itself on being an inclusive brand that is a home for guests to feel welcomed and treated like valued friends. Searching for the best accommodation in Moss Vale means waking up in beautifully restored suites, and resting peacefully alongside loved ones. From glass-enclosed breakfast dining spaces to three varying degrees of rooms, Moss Vale Manor is the best accommodation to accompany any Moss Vale journey. Choose from king-sized suites or queen-sized gardens adjacent to the more intimate Manor Suites. The manor is only one level, and guests will marvel at the privacy created within an intricate sense of community.

Owned and managed by Louella and Tony Grattan-Smith, guests are encouraged to create bespoke packages and have a dreamlike stay. We are happy to help you find weekend markets or cooking classes to create the perfect stay in Moss Vale. If you are interested in renting the entire manor for intimate gatherings, please reach out and let us review your options. Please note there is a 2 nights minimum stay for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights as well as public holidays.

We can’t wait to show you the magic found within Moss Vale.

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