Find Out 10 Best Moss Vale Parks for Your Family

If you are visiting Moss Vale with your family for a weekend or holiday, you are welcome to explore the various Moss Vale parks that feature playgrounds, walking trails and picnic areas. These parks are ideal for family-friendly recreation, plus they offer you a chance to bond and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Depending on your travel itinerary, you may not find the time to visit all the parks we have suggested below. You, therefore, want to take note of the park's physical address to make sure you choose one that you can easily accommodate in your travel plan.

Leighton Gardens, Moss Vale

This garden is located in the heart of Moss Vale's main street, the Illawarra Highway. It is a popular venue for formal ceremonies and weddings, thanks to its strategic location and amenities, such as ample parking, open spaces, picnic tables and a MLAK toilet. This garden boasts a lovely display of tulips in September, making it an excellent spot for family picnics. That said, you can still visit this park any time of the year and find something fun to do together as a family.


Argyle Street, Moss Vale

Argyle Street Playground, Moss Vale

Known for its calm and serene ambience, Argyle Street Playground is one of the Moss Vale parks common among young families. The park features a children's playground, seating and picnic areas. This playground is not as busy as the other parks on the list, making it ideal for having a more personal and cherished moment with your loved ones.


17 Queen Street, Moss Vale

Community Oval, Moss Vale

Located along Donkin Avenue is the Community Oval Park, a multi-purpose facility commonly used for Rugby and Oztag games. This park features a sports ground, a canteen, changing rooms, park benches, toilet facilities and a skate park. You can visit this park to watch a rugby game with your family or to interact with locals and get a feel for the local culture.


11 Donkin Avenue, Moss Vale

Whites Creek Reserve, Moss Vale

This park, located along Mack Street in Moss Vale, features an open space ideal for hiking or spending a good time with your family. Unlike most parks on this list, Whites Creek Reserve doesn't feature many amenities, but it is still a great place to be, thanks to its calm and serene setting.


Mack Street, Moss Vale

Acacia Park, Moss Vale

Like most public parks in and around Moss Vale, Acacia Park features a playground, picnic tables and a seating area. This park is popular among locals, especially on weekends, when children come to enjoy fun recreational activities. Acacia Park covers around 2.8 acres of land, and its natural scenery makes it an ideal spot for a leisurely afternoon walk.


17 Queen Street, Moss Vale

Corlette Park, Moss Vale

The key highlight of Corlette Park is the Moss Vale Community Garden located within this public property. This garden is known for its focus on growing a broad range of organic fruits and vegetables. The Moss Vale Community Garden welcomes the public at specific times. Since this garden is next to the Tennis Courts, you can visit the park on the weekend to explore the garden and watch a tennis game afterwards.


9-13 Railway Street, Moss Vale

Seymour Park - off-leash Dog Park

This multi-purpose park is located along Spence Street and is common among locals and visitors alike. It features a children's playground and an off-leash dog park. There is also a picnic area where you can hang out with your loved ones. This park may be crowded on weekends and holidays, but you'll still find a great spot to relax and unwind.


2-10 Spencer Street, Moss Vale

Goode Park, Moss Vale

This is a public park located at 35 Hoskins Street in Moss Vale. It features a beautiful picnic area and a children's playground. There is also enough free space to relax or walk around as you explore the area. You can stop by this park any day to spend quality time with your family.


35 Hoskins Street, Moss Vale

Walton Park, Moss Vale

If you are looking for a less-crowded, serene, and nature-inspired park in Moss Vale, Walton Park, located 1 kilometre south of the town centre, is the place to be. This park features a space with walking trails, lots of trees, and manicured grounds. You can visit this park any time of the week and surely cherish the time you spend here with loved ones.


Throsby Street, Moss Vale

Henderson Park, Moss Vale

This popular children's play area is located along Illawarra Highway, about 800 meters from Moss Vale town centre. The park features an extensive open space as well as picnic tables, making it an ideal hangout spot for locals and tourists. If you are visiting with young kids, guide them through the slides and swings before capturing some incredible memories with them inside the park.


Illawarra Highway, Moss Vale

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Church Road Oval, Moss Vale

This is perhaps one of the busiest parks in Moss Vale. Besides welcoming locals and visitors to hang out and share fun experiences with their loved ones, this park is used for soccer and summer soccer practices. The essential facilities within this park include two senior soccer fields, a picnic area, a children's playground, changing rooms, and toilet facilities. Since this park is often busy, you should visit it during weekdays or when soccer matches are on a break. You can still visit the park at any time or day of the week and enjoy the opportunity to interact with the friendly and cheerful locals.


51 Church Road, Moss Vale

Moss Vale Village Park

With plenty of open space and an extensive beautiful garden, Moss Vale Village Park is considered one of the largest parks in the region. It features many amenities, including a children's playground, BBQ facilities, a shop, and a laundry area. This park is located approximately 2 kilometres southwest of Moss Vale town centre.


43-53 Willow Drive, Moss Vale

Accommodation Options in Moss Vale

Moss Vale is one of the towns in The Southern Highlands, with a rich history, beautiful gardens, and many sightseeing opportunities. For those visiting the region with their families, there are several parks where you can spend quality time together. Whether you prefer a leisurely picnic in Goode Park or would love to watch a soccer match and interact with locals at the Church Road Oval, there is never a dull day in and around Moss Vale.

However, after a long day of fun and adventure, you want to retire to a quiet and peaceful place. Luckily, there are several accommodation options around Moss Vale, which you can choose to spend your weekend out or the entire holiday season. One popular accommodation option among travellers and tourists is Moss Manor. This accommodation home is situated along Arthur Street off Illawarra Highway, approximately 650 meters from the Moss Vale town centre. There are three accommodation options to choose from. If you are visiting with your kids, you can choose to book separate rooms. Otherwise, there are spacious rooms to accommodate two adults and even two children. These options include the king-sized Moss Suites, Ruby and Sophia.

For those visiting in groups, there is the option to hire the entire house, but you will need to enquire first to arrange the ideal package that will suit your needs.

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